RPM 2013: The Orton Road Suite & Ten Failed Photographs

by Sam Grinsell

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Recorded on the 21st and 22nd February 2013 as part of RPM Challenge, where musicians around the world record and release an album in one month. This is my first purely acoustic album, played on my beautiful baritone Weissenborn made by Ermanno Pasqualato. Some notes on the music:

The Orton Road Suite
This grew from techniques of melodic improvisation I've been exploring for a few months. One starts with a pentatonic scale and adds notes as the performance goes on, ultimately reaching twelve-tone improvisation. This suite is structured around this approach, although it uses two different pentatonic scales, and the central section is largely 'free', and not melodically related to the rest.

Ten Failed Photographs
I recently became interested in analogue photography, which has resulted (among other things) in me possessing a collection of pictures that didn't turn out how I'd hoped. Those which had turned out too dark struck me as forming rather a nice set, and inspired these pieces. If you download the album, you'll get copies of all the photos. Musically, these pieces are loosely influenced by minimalism, and build on various ideas I've developed through improvisation. As I've tended toward longer pieces as time has gone on, it was pleasing to work in miniature again. Other than the subject matter, there is not a lot binding these pieces together, they are perhaps more of a collection than a suite.

For guitarists: this was all recorded on a baritone Weissenborn using a Tribotone slide. The Orton Road Suite was played in open A (AEAC#EA), Ten Failed Photographs was played in AEADEA. These are equivalent to DADF#AD and DADGAD respectively


released February 25, 2013




Sam Grinsell Whyteleafe, UK

I am a guitarist, field-recordist and composer interested in improvisation and alternative sound sources. I’m based in South London and have been spreading my music over the Internet since 2010.

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